We are a lifestyle brand based in Seattle, founded by a hard-working Mexicana.

Queen de mi Corazón wants to celebrate and uphold Latinx culture. Created to empower, inspire and lift up #chingonas into the best version of themselves.  At Queen de mi Corazón we believe in self-love, the importance of taking care of yourself, and emotional and financial independence for all our Latina sisters. 
We believe no human is illegal, black and brown lives matter, families belong together, and all bodies are beautiful. 


We want to lift you up; we want you to become the one and only Queen de Tu Corazón.

Seattle WA by Patty Zavala Photographer


With our hearts in our pueblos

Where the tacos reign the streets. 


With our feet and our pets in Seattle, WA.

Where we design  our products con mucho amor before they arrive on your doorstep. 


Life brought us together at a time when we all had to be apart, and since, we have found our corazoncitos beating at the same rhythm and we were able to proudly create and collaborate to make Queen de mi Corazón. We strive to bring products that will empower the Latinas we work with. We want to raise their voices, art, struggles and creations, thank you for trusting us. 

Queen de mi Corazón wouldn’t be possible without crazy amounts of teamwork, phone calls and online meetings. Gracias, Zoom & Whatsapp!

Sonrisas, talentos, y corazones orgullosamente Latinxs. 


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Alejandra Huerta (she/her)

Alejandra is an emerging Mexican artist from Sonora, currently residing in Denver, CO. With a background in Architecture, she has always been interested in graphic arts and expressing herself in an artistic form. She specializes in illustrations and mixed media paintings, always making sure she uses her favorite medium on every piece, which is watercolor.

She loves exploring different color palettes, mediums, and textures; finding a unique voice in the art world is important to her, is sharing her vision. She believes that what you exhibit in a graphic form tells a lot about yourself.


Her work tries to display her heritage and whatever she is feeling in the moment, most of her pieces embody femininity and nature. She is heavily inspired by other womxn artists and loves collaborations and being part of a community that shares her ideas.

Alex has partnered with Queen de mi Corazón to bring some of her fantastic art to your life in unique pieces and creations. 

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Patricia Zavala (she/her)

Patty is a Graphic Designer and Copywriter from Hermosillo, Mexico.  She is grateful to have been immersed in an environment of creativity and curiosity from the start. Before she learned how to photograph, she dedicated her time to painting the desert landscapes she grew up loving in her hometown. She currently lives in Lynnwood, WA, with her two human cubs, two old, sweet dogs, a chirpy bird, one too many plants, and her supportive partner & best friend.

She’s a self-taught photographer with a drive for constant learning and new challenges, practicing photography as a hobby for the past 10 years and creating digital art with her photographs. She holds a B.A. in Communications from ITESM University, and she’s a strong advocate for social justice and self-directed learning.

Patty has created the branding behind with Queen de mi Corazón and unique designs for you to wear your cultura.

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Behind Queen de mi Corazón there is a team of Latinas in constant search of collaborations that will uplift Latinx artists, designers, and Mujeres Poderosas. What began as a dream has been slowly manifested into a reality, with tons of work & amorcito.


Don't give up on your dreams, amigas. Do it, start it, launch it, and above all, believe in yourselves.



To our beautiful models, supporters, contributors, and collaborators who shared their time, wisdom, and beauty with us, by trying our products and being their true selves for our camera. 

You have helped us make Queen de mi Corazón's heart start beating. 

Boom. Boom. 

Infinitely grateful.